US right-winger backs Pope against Left/Islamofascist Nietzschean alliance

“Benedict’s speech is a work of enlightened genius. He has clearly laid out the differences between Christian culture and Islamic culture and the basis of the clash of civilizations we now experience as the War on Terror. His analysis also explains the underlying cause of the alliance between the western Left and the Islamofascist Right…. The Islamist reaction proves Manuel II’s 600-year-old point. The reaction is not one of anger but a calculated attempt to force the Pope to parrot the PC line on Islam….Islamists are not responding to any ‘offense’ to their non-existent morality. They are asserting the only ‘morality’ they have – the will to power. ‘Will to Power’ is a key element of Nietzsche’s philosophy – hence the root of the term, Islamofascist. Moreover the Western ‘Left’ is today guided far more by Nietzsche existentialist thought than by Marxist thought – hence the alliance between the Western ‘Left’ and the Islamofascist ‘Right’.”

Andrew Walden at Front Page Magazine, 18 September 2006