US Pastor opposing airport’s sinks for Muslims

A Baptist pastor who lost a son in Iraq objects to the placement of special sinks that would aid Muslims at the Indianapolis airport in preparing for prayer because he opposes “the fraternization with our open enemies during a time of war,” according to a statement from his church.

The Rev. Jerry Hillenburg, pastor at Hope Baptist Church on the city’s Far Westside, is calling on Mayor Bart Peterson to halt the installation of the floor-level sinks at the Indianapolis International Airport.

The sinks, which would be installed near the parking lot where taxi drivers wait between runs, would aid Muslims in washing their feet in preparation for their ritual prayers. Many cab drivers serving the airport are Muslims. They currently wash their feet in regular sinks or by using bottles of water.

Hillenburg, who plans to preach a sermon Sunday titled “Stop Caving in to Islam,” sent a letter to the mayor seeking a face-to-face meeting to discuss his concerns.

Indianapolis Star, 21 September 2007