Uncle Sam sends Muslims to timeout

“Next time you read an apocalyptical article about the impending doom of the world due to the ‘clash of civilizations’ between the Muslims and [insert non-Arab, non-Muslim nation here] take a moment and think for yourself: amidst the debates about free speech and freedom of the press that have been circulating around the globe over the past few months, a double standard has been applied to a large part of the global community. The portrayal of Islam in the media has long been questionable, but the situation in Denmark is the straw that broke the camel’s back. The cartoons and the resulting chaos represent the escalation of a deeper problem.

“Why has Islam become the demon monolith of the world which threatens to destroy all that is good and peaceful? People identify Islam with something that threatens their very being and all that they stand for: democracy, equality and liberty. Yet, this fear is perpetuated by the stereotype of a fight between good and evil, the world against Islam, a stereotype which has come to distort world public opinion.”

Sarah Dajani and Emily Norris in the Daily Princetonian, 10 March 2006