Christians warned of threat of Islamic aims on society

Unless Christians start taking their faith seriously, Britain could become a Muslim nation, a senior cathedral cleric has suggested. The warning is sounded by the Subdean of Lincoln Cathedral, Canon Alan Nugent, in this week’s Chapter Letter which will be distributed to members of the cathedral congregation this Sunday.

Canon Nugent says that during the demonstrations by Muslims following publication in some European newspapers of cartoons caricaturing the prophet Muhammad, “much was made” of some of the “brutal and violent” posters carried by protesters. But other posters were not commented on – and to Canon Nugent they were “significant”.

He says: “They warned that Britain would before long become Islamic. There is no doubt that Islam is a missionary faith and the conversion of unbelievers is a major factor in its spread. It is not surprising that many Muslims may well harbour the hope that this country could be converted to the faith of the Prophet….”

Church of England Newspaper, 10 March 2006