UKIP leader denounces ‘Ayatollah Livingstone’, calls for second preference vote for Boris Johnson

Farage and flagBoris Johnson continues to win support from the anti-Muslim right for his bid to be re-elected to the London mayoralty. Following on from his endorsement by the English Defence League’s football hooligan section, UKIP is now calling on its supporters to cast their second preference vote for Johnson.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has explained: “Ken Livingstone is dangerous and does not represent the aspirations of Old Labour at all. His comments on Islam, calling for London to be a ‘beacon for Islam’ and to spend the next four years ensuring Londoners know the teachings of Mohammed are divisive, opportunistic and totally unacceptable.

“He has clearly been learning politics from George Galloway and is pandering dangerously to one religious group. He is standing to be the Mayor for the whole of London and, particularly with the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee celebrations, should be someone all Londoners can respect and be proud of.

“While we have deep reservations about some of Boris Johnson’s views, especially his support for amnesties for illegal immigrants, we now recommend that Londoners give him their second preference vote. Ken Livingstone – Ayatollah Livingston – would be a disaster for London.”