Torygraph readers back Nazir-Ali

The Sunday Telegraph‘s promotion of Nazir-Ali’s repellent views on Muslims has drawn a predictable response on its website. Here is a selection of comments (and bear in mind that comments on the Torygraph site are moderated):

“This is all going to end in a huge tragedy. Either the complete Islamization of Britain, or civil war. It is an absolute nightmare, and it is the Britons who are bringing this upon themselves.”

“Islamic immigration has to got to stop in this country. Don’t you get it? Once Muslims becaome a majority, they claim it as a Muslim country. And once it’s been called Islamic, they start calling everyone else occupiers, infidels, Kaphur, and crusaders.”

“Take heed to the warning signs or you will wake up one day having to bow to Mecca 5 times a day wheather you want to or not; or worse end up on some internet beheading slide show.”

“You dumb britts make me sick. Quit complaining and take it to the streets before it’s too late. Nobody is going to help you this time. You criticise president Bush for fighting terrorist and militant islam and they are almost done with you and what is left of your culture.”

“Recitation of the Adhan, in a non-Islamic country, is a weapon of Islamic imperialism, one which marks another step towards stamping an Islamic identity on an area. Which is just what Bishop Nazir-Ali is warning against here.”

“Our history is that of a Christian nation, even if we have not been very good at it. Now, after kicking Christian teachings out of schools and Government, and welcoming the worship of foreign Gods in our land, we need toget down on our knees and ask for forgiveness and deliverence from the violence that will come as we turn our country over to followers of a religion that seeks to dominate this world by persecution of Christians and women as a matter of course.”

“Unfortunately Islam is not just a ‘faith’, it’s a global political movement. And a dangerous one for non-muslims at that. When Ayaan Hirsi Ali was interviewed by the Independent in November, she made some very compelling points – and the research I have done since has really convinced me she’s probably right. She says that peaceful, moderate Muslims are not actually practicing their faith. Islam is not a religion of peace, it is a call to arms to eventually, ‘take over the world’. It is violent, misogynist, and there is no room for interpretation. It’s scary stuff, people!”

And so on, and so on.