Torygraph readers back Nazir-Ali (continued)

And there are several letters in today’s Daily Telegraph, all in support of the Bishop of Rochester:

“The representatives of the Ramadhan Foundation and the Islamic Society of Great Britain, who have been quick to call for action against the Bishop of Rochester, the Right Reverend Michael Nazir-Ali, should realise that freedom of speech is still highly valued in this country.”

“The most sensible pronouncements from the Church of England emanate from Bishop Nazir-Ali and Archbishop John Sentamu. Why do other bishops not speak out for the Church on which much of the culture of this country is based?”

“If you believe you are Allah’s chosen people, destined to rule the world, you should never surrender any territory or any aspect of life you have Islamised. Unless there is resolute action (unlikely from our feeble politicians), Muslim ghettoes in Britain will keep growing, pressures will increase for more privileges for Islam in the West.”