Torygraph columnist applauds Kelly’s commission

Commission on Integration“The message from the Commission on Integration and Cohesion is loud and clear. Multiculturalism has not worked…. For too long, local authorities have had a free hand to promote a multiculturalist agenda, wreaking untold harm on race relations…. The commission also recommends the withdrawal of funding for groups that represent only one particular ethnic group, religion or race, unless there are compelling reasons to do so…. The Government must now catch up with what many of us have been arguing for years; that many of Britain’s ethnic minorities are adrift in ghettoes and that some are proving to be incubators of radicalist tendencies and havens for criminals.”

Zia Haider Rahman in the Daily Telegraph, 15 June 2007

Cf. Lee Jasper’s comment on the CIC report: “This report fails to identify gross racist stereotypes and whipped up fear now targeted at Muslims and asylum seekers as a source of social conflict. Instead, without any basis in fact, it dangerously turns the blame onto the victims.”

Blink news report, 14 June 2007

And on the Matthew Bannister programme on Radio 5 yesterday morning, the featured speaker on the issue of integration arising from the CIC report was the BNP’s Nick Griffin. Listen here.