‘Tories commit to Islamification of Britain’

Well, so the brain-dead bigots of the BNP claim.

The basis of this accusation is the recent launch of the Conservative Muslim Forum North West, which aims to “give Muslims in the party a platform to have their voices heard, to engage with Muslims and encourage them to participate in political life at all levels, from grassroots to Parliament”. This initiative also “hopes to encourage more Muslims to join the party with a big drive to encourage more women and young people to become politically active”.

Could there be a more graphic illustration of the Tories’ sell-out to the Muslim hordes?

Mind you, I can’t help recalling that when the government launched its Young Muslim Advisory Group last October the Tories’ shadow minister for community cohesion, Sayeeda Warsi, denounced it as “another example of the Government engaging with the British Muslim communities on the basis purely of their faith”. She continued: “When will the Government learn that the Muslim community is not a homogenous block…? Actions such as this are a continuation of the Government’s policy of state multiculturalism, which creates a more divided Britain.”

I suppose, though, that when the Tories themselves are trying to rally support among Muslims in the run-up to a general election, “engaging with the British Muslim communities on the basis purely of their faith” seems like quite a good idea after all.