‘Time to confront the Muslim conspiracists’

“Something is seriously wrong. A quarter of British Muslims believe the government and security services were involved in the July 7 suicide bombings in London, according to a poll for Channel 4 News…. Conspiracy theories abound in the Muslim community, many of them piggy-backing on an underlying notion of an American-Israeli bogeyman. In themselves, these ideas might be regarded as mere folly, but they are terrifyingly dangerous because they fertilise the ground in which more hostile projects can take root. Government and establishment rhetoric that continually presents our current difficulties as emanating from a ‘small extremist fringe’ does not help. It only provides cover for pernicious ideas which have very much wider currency, as the polls show.”

Zia Haider Rahman in Daily Telegraph, 6 June 2007

But what can you expect from a writer who describes himself as an opponent of “multiculturalism, the race relations industry and the peculiar culture of celebrating diversity”?