There is more joy in heaven…

After weeks of making harsh statements about Muslims and handing out controversial cartoon booklets that depict Muslims as terrorists, a South Florida minister said that he is softening his stand.

Rev. O’Neal Dozier had openly criticized Islam, saying that it “teaches evil and hatred.” Much of his commentary on Muslims came after the Pompano Beach City Council voted to allow the Islamic Center of South Florida to erect a larger mosque on undeveloped land on Northwest 16th Avenue in a predominantly black community. Dozier took to the streets to pass out booklet that he said would “educate the public concerning the Islamic fascism.”

Tuesday, Dozier apparently had a change of heart. He released the following statement: “After much soul searching and deliberation concerning my previous statements about radical Islam being ‘a dangerous and evil cult,’ I want to applaud and thank those peace-loving Muslims who share our American values of freedom, tolerance, and human rights.”, 10 October 2006