The paranoid ravings of Bat Ye’or

batyeorThe Jerusalem Post interviews Gisèle Littman, aka Bat Ye’or, who expounds her familiar conspiracy fantasy about the Islamic takeover of Europe, with the Organisation of the Islamic Conference playing the role of the Learned Elders of Zion:

“As for OIC influence on Europe: It is visible in immigration policy toward Muslims, and in the Muslims’ refusal to integrate into European societies. The OIC considers nationalist-European movements, European history, European culture, European religions and European languages as Islamophobic. Why? Because Europeans have begun to feel that they are losing their own identity, due to their efforts to welcome immigrants who don’t want to integrate….

“Europeans fear losing their historical and cultural assets – particularly those of democracy and human rights – to Shari’a law. They want one law for everybody – and it’s not Shari’a, which involves things like honor killings. It is thus that in all international forums, the OIC attacks Europe and demands that it apply multiculturalism.

“Now, Europeans do not want multiculturalism. But this is a problem, because European governments – and especially the European Union – do not want to fight the OIC, and so they collaborate with it…. The environment is one of jihad on the one hand and of dhimmitude on the other. European countries are becoming dhimmi countries…. Muslim politics are conducted in Europe by Europeans themselves, based on the interests of Muslim lobbyists.”

The tentacles of these Muslim lobbyists apparently reach into all areas of society, including the education system: “European universities – like those in America – are totally controlled by the Arab-Islamic lobby, as are the schools.”

Still, all is not lost: “Look what Europe has given to the world: democracy and human rights, the love of peace. Look at its achievements in the field of literature, music, law, architecture. There is a tremendous richness. But we have to fight for all those values and accomplishments. Otherwise, we will be living as dhimmis in barbarity.”