The JC and Osama Saeed

Scotland UnitedIn this week’s edition of the Jewish Chronicle, under the headline “Hunting the SNP’s Islamist”, Martin Bright complains that Osama Saeed, SNP parliamentary candidate for Glasgow Central, is unenthusiastic about being interviewed by Bright for the JC. Now, why do you suppose that might be?

I was intending to report this under the heading “Muslim declines interview with Islamophobe shock”. However, Bright’s article can’t be found on the online edition of the JC, which instead carries … yes, an interview with Osama Saeed.

In what is clearly a swipe at the hypocrisy of attacks on himself as an Islamist, Osama points out that sitting Glasgow Central MP Mohammed Sarwar, father of his Labour opponent Anas Sarwar, is on the management committee of the Finsbury Park Mosque alongside a supporter of Hamas (presumably a reference to Mohammed Sawalha). And how does the JC report this? Under the headline “SNP candidate attacks opponent’s Hamas ‘support’“!

Given that the JC is edited by Stephen Pollard, and has Bright as its political editor, it would seem wise for any politically active Muslim to avoid talking to the JC in future, or at least until there is a change in editorial line, as at present there is clearly no possibility of being reported fairly or accurately by that paper.