‘The EDL targeted the Muslim community with their hatred’

The Bucks Herald has published a statement by the Aylesbury Muslims group in reponse to the EDL protests at the weekend

The EDL targeted the Muslim community with their hatred.

Despite their best efforts, the EDL was unable to break the harmonious coexistence between different ethnic and religious groups in and around Aylesbury. We believe that our diversity is also our strength and a reason for celebration.

We accept that during Saturday the majority of EDL protestors followed due process and protested peacefully. But as a community we’re extremely worried and angered by the actions of a significant minority of EDL supporters who targeted and intimidated people from the Muslim community.

We would like to make it clear that the police did deal with these situations, but on the whole this suggests that the EDL has a serious problem in not being able to guarantee or control the behaviour of significant numbers of their members and begs the question whether they should be allowed to protest again.

Here’s an account of some isolated events from witnesses:

1. As the coaches in convoy drove into New Street bottles were hurled at a group of Asian men including bottles thrown at the feet of two Aylesbury councillors.

2. A few people in coaches were swearing at Asian children and making hand gestures.

3. A significant group of EDL supporters came into Oxford Road and charged at a group of Asians of different ages including the elderly before the police came and dispersed the EDL group.

On hearing about these and other isolated incidents, hundreds of Muslim youths gathered outside the Mosque became enraged and wanted to confront the EDL. Despite this, the Muslim leadership fortunately managed to persuade them not to do so.