The decline and fall of Islam

Fairly typical American Islamophobia:

“The Koran is a guide to war. Thievery was the way Muhammad supported himself as the self-proclaimed prophet and conquest was the way Muhammad and his followers initially spread Islam. The United States, a target and a victim in this Jihad, is waging war to end the Islamic dream of domination. In this it has been joined by many nations, including those that are Islamic. This should be seen as a hopeful sign.

“I believe this century will be remembered as the one in which Islam began its long march to extinction. It will be defeated in its terror war and it will be defeated because many will abandon a “religion” that is repelled by modernity, denies human rights, and revels in the blood of its victims, calling their killers martyrs.”

Alan Caruba at American Daily, 9 June 2003