Thank God for ‘Islamo-Fascist Awareness Week’

“Liberals are taking over the country. Their attacks range from brainwashing students by pinko-commie professors to extreme media bias. The academic left’s support of Islamic terrorist groups is placing American citizens in perilous danger.

“This is no joke. Ask the Young Conservatives of Texas. Every year YCT releases a campus watch list of the most dangerous professors at UT. Often times these dangerous professors unpatriotically criticize President Bush, while making critical examinations of counter-terrorist policy. Without the YCT list, we all might fall into the grasp of one of those sneaky leftists….

“Thank God that the true Americans, who believe in freedom, democracy and the pursuit of the good life, are fighting back. In no way are these brave patriots blurring the line between the entirety of Islam and the extreme minority of ‘Islamo-Fascists’, which poses a serious threat. Conservative writer and activist David Horowitz is one of those people, and he is spreading the truth next month during his ‘Islamo-Fascist Awareness Week‘.

“From Oct. 22 through Oct. 27, YCT and Horowitz’s organization, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, will organize on campus. Although YCT hasn’t announced their plans for the week, they’ll hopefully find a way to pit Christianity against Islam. While this might incite more racial hostility on campus, spreading the truth about the dangers of Islamo-Fascism is worth the risk.

“Horowitz and YCT want to give a heads up to everyone that Islamo-Fascists are out to get us. Their message isn’t meant to distract from the ongoing humanitarian disasters in the Middle East or to sensationalize the issue, but instead to point out that every single U.S. citizen is in extreme and immediate danger, especially at UT.”

Colin Pace in the Daily Texan, 24 September 2007