Tariq Ramadan = Hitler, according to Phyllis Chesler

Phyllis Chesler“As Americans, we have a long and legendary history of welcoming and assimilating immigrants. This includes granting political asylum to those in flight from political persecution. But, as Americans, we must also ensure that what has gone wrong in Europe – or what some are now calling ‘Eurabia’ – does not happen here. At this moment in history, we cannot allow a large influx of Arab and Muslim immigrants who have no intention of assimilating into a western, modern, and democratic American way of life…. I am talking about the ways in which a small but organized number of Muslim-Americans and Muslim immigrants, aided by their many Christian- and Jewish-American supporters, are currently seeking to begin the Islamization of America.”

Phyllis Chesler in Front Page Magazine, 21 March 2006

Along with references to “Eurabia” and Bat Ye’or, it’s always a sign that Islamophobia has reached the point of total dementia when a commentator launches into a diatribe against Tariq Ramadan. And Chesler does not disappoint:

“Ramadan is … a suave apologist for Islamic religious and gender apartheid and is, arguably, pro-jihad. He is, no doubt, a ‘moderate’ compared to al-Qaeda’s Bin Laden and Iran’s Ahmadinejad. Yet Ramadan may outdistance such terrorist counterparts in terms of his far more sophisticated disinformation capability…. Why did PEN – a distinguished Association of Writers of which I am a proud member – feel obliged to honor or to ‘invite’ Ramadan to their festive annual conference which will take place at the end of April of 2006? Would they extend a similar honor to Hitler?”