Stillwater, Oklahoma sinks into dhimmitude

“Easter – the most joyous and important holiday in the Christian calendar. But there was no mention of it on the front page of an Oklahoma newspaper in a town served by more than 70 churches. Instead, page 1 of the Stillwater NewsPress was dominated yesterday by a story about efforts to battle anti-Islam bigotry by the Muslim Student Association of Oklahoma State University. ‘You wouldn’t have known it was Easter at all according to the paper if it wasn’t for the full page Hobby Lobby ad situated toward the back of the paper,’ one unhappy reader told WND.

“To him and others who saw the paper on Easter morning, there was surprise to see page 1 dominated by a large photo of Muslims praying – a picture that illustrated a story about ‘Muslim 101’, a monthly educational series begun on campus because of negative stereotyping about Islam following Sept. 11. The classes began last November, but the Stillwater NewsPress featured the story on the holiest of Christian holidays yesterday.”

World Net Daily, 9 April 2007