SNP courting ‘radical Muslims’

Osama Saeed (4)“Osama Saeed, who has openly called for ‘a caliphate’, a pan-Islamic global state, has a serious chance of being elected for Glasgow Central when the failing Brown government finally calls a general election. Salmond doesn’t seem to care about the harm being done to the Muslim community by elevating someone such as Saeed, who last week was appointed to be a member of the Scottish government’s working group to look at the issue of Trident replacement.”

Tom Gallagher renews his campaign against the Scottish National Party and one of its leading Muslim activists.

Sunday Times, 13 April 2008

Update:  See also Postman Patel, 15 April 2008

He draws attention to the fact that Gallagher is a research fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington.