Sharia law at the Treasury and a drift to Islam

“It is strangely shocking to find that Her Majesty’s Treasury, that very matter-of-fact department, should be issuing bonds that comply with the ancient rules of sharia law. It is as if your bank manager were suddenly to break off from warning you about your overdraft, fetch out a prayer mat and start offering devotions in the direction of Mecca….

“… there is still something slightly unsettling about the news. Is it coincidental that ours is the first major Western country to offer this facility? Official Britain has a startling enthusiasm for adjusting itself to make Muslims comfortable. The Home Secretary has weirdly described terrorist activity as ‘Anti-Islamic’. The Foreign Office was recently revealed by a whistleblower to be giving undue status to militant strands of Islam.

“… it coincides with an increasing tendency to reduce the privileges of the Christian religion in Britain. Christian worship in State schools has been deliberately allowed to fade into nonexistence. Recent legislation on adoption, stem-cell research and the employment rights of homosexuals has directly challenged Christian practice and belief.

“Yet multicultural liberals, many of whom profess themselves Godless and despise Christianity, are strangely ready to suck up to Islam, whose views on such topics are far fiercer than those of the most militant Christian moralist.

“It sometimes seems as if we are slowly drifting, without really thinking about it, or meaning to, towards the Islamic world. It is time we did think about it, or who knows what may rush in to fill the religious vacuum left at the heart of our State by the slow death of the Church of England?”

Editorial in the Mail on Sunday, 17 February 2008

Predictably, the fascists of the BNP seize on this latest example of western-civilisation-succumbs-to-Islam scaremongering.