‘Scottish kids forced to visit mosques’, fascists complain

“Politically correct brainwashing sank to a new low today with the unbelievable announcement today that Scottish children in Clackmannanshire schools will be sent to local mosques to learn about tolerance in the wake of the conviction of Alva based Islamic terrorist Mohammed Siddique.

“Yes, you read that correctly. A Muslim man is convicted on terrorism charges and Clackmannanshire Council’s Education Department – Siddique used to attend Alva Academy – and Ochil and South Perthshire Labour MP Gordon Banks plan to send non-Muslim kids to mosques to ‘increase their understanding of other religions’.

“Surely in wake of the events, if such a hair-brained scheme is to be undertaken, then it is young Muslim kids who should be invited to churches and synagogues to teach them about being tolerant of other religions, so that we do not see any more Mohammed Saddique’s in court charged with spreading religious hatred and terrorism.”

BNP Regional Voices, 19 September 2007

See also BBC News, 18 September 2007