Apologists for terrorists condemn ‘apologists for terrorists’

Islam a threat to us all“The politically correct lobby has already started to swing into action feeding the public the same tired old lines about tolerant Islam, but it seems that some sections of the Muslim community are more interested in denying there is a problem and even worse blaming others for it. BNP Scotland say public safety should come first and neither terrorism nor apologists for terrorists should not [sic] be tolerated in civilised Western society.”

Thus the BNP’s “crime correspondent” (well, given the BNP leaders’ long list of criminal convictions, they’d know all about that wouldn’t they?) at BNP Regional voices, 18 September 2007

The “apologists for terrorists”, according to the BNP, include Mohammed Atif Siddique’s father and lawyer, and Osama Saeed of the Muslim Association of Britain (for Osama’s actual views, see here and here).

Of course, if the BNP want to find actual apologists for terrorists they can find them rather closer to home.