Scottish Defence League organiser tells Dundee to expect big right-wing presence on September 1

Graham Walker, regional organiser and spokesman for the Scottish Defence League (SDL), said supporters from a string of far-right groups including the North West Infidels (NWI), the English Defence League (EDL) and the Combined Ex-Forces (CXF) will be bussed to the city to take part in a static demonstration on Saturday, September 1.

The news comes less than a week after the city council’s licensing committee rejected police recommendations to allow the controversial protest in City Square. Instead councillors gave the green light to a counter-rally, led by Dundee Trades Union Council, named Dundee Together, which will celebrate the city’s multi-cultural background.

However, Mr Walker said he was not upset by the decision and claims the City Square was never his first choice. “What we have done is call Dundee City Council’s bluff,” he added. “We knew that we wouldn’t get into City Square but our plan has always been to expose Dundee City Council for what they are.

“We asked the police if we could have half of the square to demonstrate in and the TUC asked for the other half. But the next licensing meeting was not due until September 6 and their application couldn’t be heard until then. But surprise surprise, an emergency licensing meeting was arranged for last week and they were given the whole square.

“We have bluffed Dundee City Council and shown them for what they are — a left-wing organisation that is using its own beliefs when deciding on city matters. They are supposed to be for all the people of Dundee and not bring their own views into things.”

Around 150 far-right demonstrators are expected to arrive in Dundee in less than a fortnight’s time to protest against “militant Islam”.

To help cope with possible civil unrest the police are continuing the intelligence-gathering process and working with the SDL to help minimise the risk to the public. As part of this Mr Walker – who stressed his intention to ensure the day passes off peacefully – met police on Monday to discuss the upcoming demo.

Afterwards, and in buoyant mood, he told The Courier that the meeting had gone ”very well” but was unable to disclose where the demonstration would take place.

“For security reasons I can’t say where we are meeting or what route we are taking but what I can say is that there will be a muster point and then we will walk to a public site where we will hold a 45-minute static demonstration,” Mr Walker said.

The Courier, 21 August 2102