Schwartz vs ‘Wahhabism’ (part 395)


“… Muslims in the US and Great Britain are, today, far more dominated by Islamist extremism than their counterparts in various Muslim countries…. the Islamic communities of the US (dominated by the Saudis) and Britain (run by radical Pakistanis) suffer under a totalitarian regime of thought-control.”

Stephen Schwartz continues his campaign against “Wahhabists” – in which category he includes virtually any non-Sufi Muslim who fails to share his own neocon views.

As an example of the extremism and totalitarianism of US Muslim leaders, Schwartz offers the example of CAIR’s protest against the accompanying cartoon, which he says was merely “questioning why so many mosques are centers of extremist agitation. The cartoon included nothing offensive to moderate Muslims; it simply dramatized an obvious fact.”

TCS Daily, 22 December 2005