Sadiq Khan: ‘appeaser of terrorism’ (according to Donal Blaney)

Sadiq KhanSadiq Khan is the Labour MP for Tooting. Khan, whose parents were Pakistanis, has been on a fact-finding mission to Pakistan. I wonder if he got time in his busy schedule to see any relatives?

He’s worked out why it is that young muslims want to wage jihad in Britain: it’s all because of American foreign policy. His solution? Britain should distance itself from its closest ally, the United States.

There was I, thinking that this kind of anti-American sentiment was supposed to disappear after President Bush left the White House in January. The arrival of the Chosen One, Barack Hussein Obama, was to herald a new dawn. Evidently not, in the case of Sadiq Khan, who is reading straight from the George Galloway “Blame America First” playbook of terrorist appeasement and excuse mongering.

Clearly Khan hates the United States and all it stands for. In and of itself that shouldn’t matter: he is free to hold whatever warped views he likes, even if it gives succour to our enemies who want to turn Britain into a shariah law dominated caliphate. And he wonders why he was bugged by the police.

But Sadiq Khan isn’t free to say whatever he wants to for one simple reason – he is a government minister. He is the Minister for Social Cohesion and yet delights in denigrating the nation of 500,000 people living and working in this country. How, pray, does that help social cohesion?

In attacking US foreign policy, was Sadiq Khan speaking for the British government? If not, he must surely be fired.

Blaney’s Blarney, 12 April 2009

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The figures for deaths caused by US drone attacks in Pakistan (only 10 of the 60 attacks in 2006-9 hit their targets, resulting in the killing of 14 Al-Qaida members and 687 innocent civilians) are given in The News, 10 April 2009