Robert Spencer’s 10 points of obfuscation

“Why is it that Islamophobes continue to come up with ‘tests’ that American Muslims must pass in order to be considered moderate, or for that matter to be considered real Americans. Daniel Pipes has a test and I’m proud to say, that I like Hamza Yusuf would fail. David Horowitz has a petition for Muslim students to sign to prove their ‘moderation’ as part of his recent ‘Islamo Fascism Awareness Week’ whose four key principals any Muslim could agree with, but which would require any Muslim signing the petition to agree with the mischaracterization of terrorists and extremists as ‘Islamo Fascists’ thus blaming the religion of Islam for their criminal acts.

“But Hugh Fitzgerald’s suggestion that ‘Sheila Musaji needs to read Ali Sina, Ibn Warraq, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan. They were all born into Islam. They were all raised in Muslim milieus. They have all testified as to what Muslims say in front of Infidels, and what they say when they think they are among only fellow Muslims’ really shows up what they are after – the bottom line for these folks is that in order to be a ‘good Muslim’ or a ‘moderate Muslim’ you must be an ex-Muslim. If that is what it takes to be a ‘moderate’ then count me out.

“Now Robert Spencer comes up with his own ten question test which he asks me personally to reply to, and to which I will respond only because the voices of the Islamophobes are getting a wide audience in the United States at the moment, and when they are not countered it gives their readers the impression that it is because their arguments have some merit. I will respond, but have no real hope that the response will be seriously considered. At least it is out there for history to judge, and for any whose minds are not closed by blind hatred to at least consider.”

Sheila Musaji replies to Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

The American Muslim, 10 October 2008