Robert Fisk at the Chicago Muslim convention

“Daniel Pipes is a bête noire, as is Steven Emerson, a freelance journalist who grinds out article after article about the ‘American jihad’ for such august papers as The Wall Street Journal, which, by the way, more and more reads like The Jerusalem Post. Emerson and his work are taken apart by al-Marati and his colleagues in a widely circulated booklet entitled Counterproductive Terrorism: How Anti-Islamic Rhetoric is Impeding America’s Homeland Security. ‘Those representing pro-Israeli groups continue to intimidate and marginalise those who are critical of Israeli policies by claiming this is pro-terrorism’, al-Marati says with a mixture of anger and weariness. ‘This is to the detriment of America, to the detriment of countering terrorism’.”‘

Robert Fisk speaks to Salam al-Marati, director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, at the Chicago Muslim convention.

Independent on Sunday, 3 September 2006