Right-wing Christianity in the US military

For God and CountryJason Leopold examines the case of a United States Navy chaplain, Lieutenant Commander Brian K. Waite, who has been accused of abusing his position to promote right-wing evangelical Christianity within the US military:

“Waite is the author of Islam Uncovered, which holds that the Muslim faith is itself culpable for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Military.com reported. ‘Undoubtedly our world will experience additional terrorist attempts or strikes all in the name of Allah. Some of these attacks may occur within the borders of our own nation by the remaining cell groups interspersed and hiding among the Muslim population of the United States. My words may make a number of Muslims in this country and abroad very uncomfortable. To them I would say, “Deal with it!” The suspicion that you encounter is merely a consequence to your own belief system….’ Waite’s book says. ‘…Should Islam be immune from attack because it calls itself a religion? If Adolf Hitler called Nazism a religion, would we be speaking German today? Evil is evil, no matter what nomenclature it hides under.’ The book was removed from bookstore shelves after it was discovered that Waite had plagiarized much of the material and that the supporting blurbs on the back cover of the book from prominent members of the religious community had been fabricated.”

OpEdNews.com, 11 March 2008

Update:  See “Navy chaplain fired from teaching job after report exposed his anti-Islamic views”, Dissident Voice, 29 March 2008