Right and left Islamophobes – so difficult to tell them apart

Robert Spencer comments on the Gillian Gibbons case: “Even Muslims in the West who condemned the arrest and sentencing of Gibbons did so in disquieting terms…. Muhammad Abdul Bari of the Muslim Council of Britain said: ‘There was clearly no intention on the part of the teacher to deliberately insult the Islamic faith’. But what if there had been? If Gibbons had named the teddy bear Muhammad in order to mock the Muslim prophet, would Muhammad Abdul Bari have approved of her being arrested, imprisoned, lashed or even executed?”

Jihad Watch, 3 December 2007

Now, where have we heard that stupid argument before? Yes, it was from Maryam Namazie and the self-styled Council of Ex-Muslims. Narrow-minded bigots think alike, eh?