Religious leaders tell Terry Jones he’s not welcome in Detroit

Everything he’s doing here is a violation of the Gospel,” said Pastor Ed Rowe with Central United Methodist Church.

Metro Detroit religious leaders are standing in solidarity, sending letters and sending a message to the controversial pastor from Florida. They say stay home.

“We do not agree with Terry Jones. We do not agree with his philosophy, and we want to continue to keep this region as unified as we possibly can,” said the Rev. Charles Williams II with King Solomon Baptist Church.

“We need more progress than anything right now. What we don’t need is any incendiary acts that would push us back,” said the Rev. Maurice Rudds with Greater Mount Tabor Baptist Church.

“Too many barriers have already been tore down, and so we say today to all that might hear my voice, we love Muslims, we love Jews, we love all God-fearing people,” said the Rev. Charles Williams, Senior with King Solomon Baptist Church.

What they don’t love is the visit Pastor Terry Jones is planning – a protest outside the Islamic Center of America on April 22. Jones is coming at the invitation of the Order of the Dragon, some newly-formed, obscure group of about five people from up north – hardly a ringing endorsement for Jones’ services.

“Shame on that militia group here in Michigan who was trying to import Mr. Jones, who’s a very controversial figure, to try to stir up trouble in their own state,” said Dawud Walid with CAIR Michigan., 28 March 2011