Racist grandmother Margaret Walker gets lifetime Asbo for offensive letters

A Hampshire grandmother has today been handed a lifetime ASBO for a “racist” and “frightening” poison pen campaign.

Margaret Walker, 73, from Walnut Drive, Hill Head, has been ordered by magistrates to stop sending “foul” and “abusive” letters. She has also been ordered to sign every piece of post she sends and supply a return address.

The order came after Walker carried out a five-year campaign of hate – sending around 500 racist letters all around the country.

MPs, pubs, parish council, shops and individuals were among those that received the “extreme” leaflets, which used a variety of racist slurs and graphic hand-drawn images.

Among other insults, Walker referred to people from Pakistan as scroungers and implied that all Muslim men were “paedophiles”.

The letters also included rants against Scottish people, who she referred to as “scum” and various politicians.

Walker was also ordered to pay £5,000 costs.

Southern Daily Echo, 25 September 2012

See also Daily Mail, 26 September 2012