Quilliam supporters demand more taxpayers’ money to keep Maajid Nawaz in sharp suits

When the news that the Quilliam Foundation was about to lose most of its state funding broke last December, some of us felt this was the best Christmas present we could have wished for. But ENGAGE reports that Quilliam does have its admirers, and they have been trying to persuade the government to lavish more public money on this disruptive and divisive gang of witch-hunters. Who are these deluded individuals? Denis MacShane, Robert Halfon, Nick Cohen and Martin Bright, since you ask. Says it all, really.

Update:  See “The interesting friends of the Quilliam Foundation”, Inayat’s Corner, 13 March 2011

Alas for Quilliam, it would appear that Martin Bright is having second thoughts about his uncritical support for the organisation. See “Quilliam’s Libyan connection” on Bright’s Jewish Chronicle blog.