Q Society launches campaign against halal certification

Q Society bagWriting in The Stringer (“The latest in racist religious vilification arsenal here in Australia”), Suresh Rajan draws our attention to the latest Islamophobic initiative by the Q Society, the group responsible for organising Geert Wilders’ tour of Australia earlier this year.

The Q Society’s supporters will be handing out free shopping bags on Saturday 31 August at selected supermarkets. The bags state “Halal certification schemes fund mosques, madrassas and jihad”.

The Q Society piously claims that the bags are “designed to generate discussion amongst Australian consumers”. So, nothing to do with inciting fear and hatred of Muslims and their faith, then.

The bags contain an “educational” video by Kirralie Smith, an evangelical Christian who runs the Halal Choices website. She begins her lecture with a hypocritical celebration of Australia’s commitment to religious diversity, before proceeding to her real message:

“Money that is paid out in certification fees for halal is used to fund in part or whole the push for sharia law in Australia…. Under Islam there is no freedom for the things we value, such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech, equality and democracy.

“As you are probably aware, there are three choices for Muslims when it comes to dealing with non-Muslims. There is violent jihad, there is conversion, and there is dhimmitude. It is the third choice we are dealing with when it comes to halal certification.”

Understanding Halal Certification Schemes