Public pool bars father and son from its ‘Muslim-only’ swimming session

A father and his five-year-old son were turned away from their local swimming pool because they were the wrong religion. David Toube, 39, and his son Harry were told that the Sunday morning session was reserved for Muslim men only.

Mr Toube, a corporate lawyer, described his experiences on a blog. “I arrived at the pool to discover that they were holding what staff described to me as ‘Muslim men only swimming’,” he wrote. “I asked whether my son and I could go as we were both male. I was told that the session was for Muslims only and that we could not be admitted.”

Daily Mail, 18 April 2008

Yes, it’s our friend David T from the “left-wing” blog Harry’s Place, finding his true political home in a right-wing Tory rag.

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Update:  Read the excellent post by D.B. at The People’s Republic of Teeside, 19 April 2008