Plans for small Islamic centre threaten ‘traffic chaos’

Plans for an Islamic educational centre near Ardenham Street in Aylesbury have been welcomed by a district councillor despite fears the scheme will lead to traffic chaos.

Under the proposals, the currently disused industrial building at Friarage Works in Middle Lane would be turned into a religious centre which will teach up to 20 children in Islamic Studies, as well as help them with their English and maths skills.

Objections to the scheme focus on fears over increased traffic and parking problems in the area. Aylesbury Town Council’s planning committee said it felt the scheme would necessitate a residents’ parking scheme, and that during the winter months, parents dropping their children off at the centre would coincide with people coming home from work.

The Aylesbury Society also calls for the proposals to be rejected, claiming it would intrude on the amenity of residents living in homes backing onto the lane and causing access problems for emergency vehicles.

But Cllr Kevin Peters, district councillor for the Gatehouse ward, believes the scheme should be approved.

Bucks Herald, 13 November 2008