Anti-Muslim bigot opposes … anti-Muslim bigotry

No doubt the Muslim community can scarcely believe their good luck. Hard on the heels of Douglas Murray rallying to the defence of European Muslims, we now have David Toube (“liar, racist, buffoon” – Jews Sans Frontieres) taking a stand against “anti-Muslim bigotry”!

As we observed some time ago: “Anyone who reads his posts at Harry’s Place will know that David T has two faces. He tries to maintain the appearance of being a sensible, rational and liberal sort of chap (after all, the bloggers at Harry’s Place are the self-proclaimed defenders of Enlightenment values) but sometimes he seems to lose control, and this frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Muslim bigot bursts out – a sort of Islamophobic version of the Incredible Hulk.”

In the three years since then, the frothing-at-the-mouth side of Toube’s character has come to dominate his posts at Harry’s Place – to the point where you feel it’s almost redundant to attack him, as he does such an effective a job of discrediting his views himself. So it’s a bit of a surprise to see him resurrect his Mr Reasonable persona. Trust us, it won’t last.

Update:  How right we were. See Toube’s characteristically stupid rant against this perfectly reasonable piece by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, whom Toube denounces as “utter scum” – a term that could far more appropriately be applied to Toube himself.