Anti-Semitism is ’embedded in many of the political manifestations of Islam’

Alasdair Palmer reviews Denis MacShane’s new book Globalising Hatred: The New Antisemitism:

“Anti-Semitism – virulent, violent anti-Semitism – is flourishing, principally because it is embedded in many of the political manifestations of Islam….

“If we are going to defend liberal values in Britain – if we are not to allow the ‘Endarkenment’, as MacShane calls the encroachment of fundamentalism – to erode the existence of a tolerant, secular society, then we have to fight bigotry, dogma and lies wherever they manifest themselves.

“Bigotry, dogma and lies are three of the essential planks of anti-Semitism in all its forms, and so long as radical Islam has anti-Semitism at its heart, it will be incompatible with any decent social order. That’s the message of MacShane’s book. I hope it is one that we all take to heart.”

Daily Telegraph, 13 November 2008