Pauline Hanson won’t sell her house to a Muslim

Pauline_HansonFormer One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson, has issued a warning to any Muslims or overseas Asians that may be looking to purchase her home: don’t even bother.

The controversial Ms Hanson, famed for her anti-immigration policies and mistrust of multiculturalism, made the statements in an interview with the Seven Network’s Sunrise this morning. The 55-year-old gave the program a tour of her multi-million dollar home at Coleyville, southwest of Brisbane, which she is currently trying to sell and spoke candidly about her plans for the future.

But while her property is on the market, Ms Hanson made it clear not everyone was welcome to make an offer. “I have no intentions of selling my home to a Muslim,” she told Sunrise. “I don’t believe they are compatible with our way of life, our culture and I think we are going to have problems in this country further down the track.”

The Australian, 28 April 2010

See also “Pauline Hanson’s Muslim ban ‘illegal”, Sydney Morning Herald, 28 April 2010