Pamela Geller’s new anti-Islam ad describes Palestinians as ‘savages’

Pamela Geller is complaining that New York’s Metropolitan Transport Authority has shown a distinct lack of enthusiasm for her latest advert, which claims that the Israel-Palestine conflict is a “war between the civilized man and the savage”, and she is threatening legal action against the MTA. Geller is particularly outraged that the MTA are prepared to accept “repulsive antisemitic, anti-Israel ads” – like this one.

The Gothamist has the details.

Geller has also been boasting about her supposed victory over Omar Tarazi, an attorney for Rifqa Bary’s parents, who sued her for defamation over articles she wrote accusing him of links with terrorism. As part of a settlement reached last week, Tarazi has agreed to drop his claim for damages. According to Geller: “Islamic supremacism has suffered a stunning and well-deserved defeat, and a good, stiff kick in the ass.”

However, the Associated Press reports that the settlement requires Geller to remove from her website five articles containing false accusations against Tarazi. And the only reason Geller hasn’t been saddled with substantial legal costs is that her lawyer David Yerushalmi represented her pro bono. Not exactly an unequivocal triumph for Geller and her struggle against “Islamic supremacism”, is it?