‘On Harvard’s Shariah/Islamofascist gym’

Debbie Schlussel responds to what she calls “Harvard’s latest capitulation to Muslims with separate hours for women at the Ivy League university’s gym”. She has even commissioned a logo for “the new Halal Harvard”. Schlussel writes:

“I’m fed up that this is not the first time this has happened and that Americans are doing nothing to take back their country. As readers know, I already wrote about the Fitness USA gym chain and how it agreed to install a wall separating men and women at its Lincoln Park, Michigan location per the demands of Muslimas and CAIR….

“This isn’t about ‘compromise’ by two parties. It’s about domination of the tolerant, wimpy majority by a tough, vocal minority that never takes not for an answer and always gets what it wants because of the majority’s soft, ever-sanguine disposition. They want to be able to wear very un-Islamic, skimpy clothes to work out. Tough. Build your own Islamic gym, complete with explosive belt-tightening exercises.”