NSS hero’s paranoid fantasies about the Islamisation of Europe

Pat CondellThat hero of the National Secular Society and BNP bloggers, Pat Condell, delivers another YouTube rant against Islam, this one in response to the decision by the mayor of Brussels to ban the “Stop the Islamisation of Europe” demonstration, scheduled for 11 September, which was initiated by a right-wing xenophobic Danish political party, Stop Islamisering Af Danmark.

Here’s the introduction to Condell’s bigoted diatribe, which promotes the paranoid “Eurabia” fantasies of the racist Right about the destruction of “our” culture by politicians intent on appeasing the Muslim hordes:

“Recent events in Brussels have confirmed for us in Europe what we’ve long suspected, that we’re governed by unprincipled vote-whoring cultural apologists who can’t wait to dismantle our heritage in order to show how culturally sensitive they are, and who’d be quite happy to see us all living under sharia law as long as it keeps them in office. As a result we have a situation now in Europe … where Islamic values are now being imported wholesale and are being imposed on a population to whom they’re about as welcome as a melanoma. No other religion gets these privileges.

“And some people in Europe are so angry at this creeping Islamisation of their culture that they’re starting to protest against it – when they’re allowed to. Only on September 11 in Brussels they won’t be allowed to, because a peaceful demonstration intending to mark the anniversary with a minute’s silence outside the European Parliament has been banned by the mayor of Brussels in case certain members of the religion of peace react violently.”

Predictably, one BNP blogger enthuses that this represents “Pat Condell at his best” while another applauds “the brilliant Pat Condell“.

Update:  Condell is also receiving far-right plaudits on the fascist discussion list Stormfront. Sample comment: “people like Pat Condell are very important to us.”