‘Comedian’ accused of racist hate speech is member of NSS

Pat Condell“The atheist comedian Pat Condell (who we are pleased to say is a member of the NSS) placed a five minute ‘video monologue’ entitled ‘The Trouble with Islam’ on the web and it has now scored over a million hits. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look.

“Pat Condell reveals: ‘It has also received well over 100,000 hits on YouTube, proving that there is an enthusiastic audience for comedy ideas and opinions which are routinely censored out of existence in the UK’s mainstream media, thanks to misguided political correctness.’

“In May this year, members of the City of Berkeley’s Peace and Justice Commission drew widespread ridicule when they publicly condemned the video as racist hate speech.”

National Secular Society Newsline, 10 August 2007

Well, you can understand why Condell’s bigoted rant would attract a lot of traffic, given the way it has been enthusiastically embraced by the racist Right, including fascists. See for example here.

For the Berkeley controversy, see here.