Fascists back Channel 4

bnp-islam-posterWhen the Channel 4 documentary “Undercover Mosque” was broadcast last January it received an enthusiastic response from right-wing Islamophobes.

Guardian journalist Jemima Kiss reported that an online video of the Dispatches programme had been “leapt on by anti-Muslim bloggers, and the weight of traffic even threatened to bring down the infamous Little Green Footballs for a while”.

The British National Party was particularly taken with the documentary, which of course helped legitimise the fascists’ ravings about the Islamic threat to Western civilisation. The BNP website directed its supporters to a video of the programme, while Der Führer himself Nick Griffin sent off a pompous letter to West Midlands Police and the Met calling for the preachers “exposed” in the programme to be prosecuted and the mosques closed down.

So you can understand the fascists’ disappointment at the outcome of the West Midlands Police investigation. A news article on the BNP website solidarises with the progamme makers and expresses indignation that the police “at one stage bizarrely considered charging Channel 4 for broadcasting material likely to stir up racial hatred”.