Now Muslims can wear veils in ‘our’ courts

Veils in 'our' courts“Muslim women were yesterday given the full backing of the law to wear veils in court – even if they are standing trial for crimes. Defendants who are told they must remove their face-covering garment could even be allowed to give evidence in secret so as not to offend them. Senior judges ruled that religious dress – including the full niqab which leaves only the eyes exposed – should be allowed for anyone involved in a court case unless justice is threatened….

“Last night critics said the guidance undermines the most basic of principles – that justice must be seen to be done. Tory MP Philip Davies said: ‘People are entitled to see what is going on. All this pussy-footing around, judges have no comprehension of the damage they’re doing for community cohesion by coming out with this barmy stuff’.”

Daily Express, 25 April 2007

See also the Express editorial, headed “Disgraceful veil rule will fuel further anger”, which opines:

“The decision to give the green light for full-face veils to be worn in court by lawyers, witnesses and even defendants drives a coach and horses – or should that be a camel train? – through British legal tradition…. On Monday the Treasury announced it will set up sharia-approved financial products especially for Muslims. Yesterday the legal establishment took the first step towards allowing British Muslims to regulate their interactions with the courts according to sharia law. The British people will not put up with these crazy acts of cultural surrender for much longer.”

Indistinguishable from the sort of thing you might read on the BNP website, isn’t it?