Norway is ‘undergoing a subtle Islamification’

Progress Party leader Siv Jensen’s statement in a speech on Sunday, that Norway is undergoing a subtle islamification has sparked controversy. Conservative Party deputy leader Per-Kristian Foss likens it to the attacks on Jews in the 30s.

• There are certain points of resemblance to the 30s fear of other minorities, in this case the Jews, Foss says.

• It is of course not true that there is any islamification of the Norwegian society, he says.

In her speech to the right-wing Progress Party (FrP) national board on Sunday, Siv Jensen warned against what would happen if what she called “a subtle islamification” of Norway would continue. She pointed to what had happened to the Swedish city of Malmoe, where according to Jensen Sharia laws had been introduced in sections of the city, and where the police hardly dared to enter.

Norway Post, 23 February 2009