Neath MP condemns mosque attack

Peter Hain, Labour MP for Neath, has issued a press release in response to an attack on the mosque in Tonna in the early hours of this morning, in the course of which windows were smashed and two local people who intervened were assaulted.

Vile Racist Attack in Neath ‘A Shameful Ugly Stain on Community’ says Hain

The vile racist attack on the Mosque in the quiet Neath village of Tonna and the ensuing violent attack on two white local residents who sought to protect the Mosque is a shameful, ugly stain on a community proud of its caring reputation.

Tonna, a quiet village with a reputation for caring and tolerance, has been shocked to the bone. It is a shameful, ugly stain on the local community. We will not tolerate Islamaphobia or racism in our communities. But I am proud of the two local residents who sought to restrain the young man during his attack on the Mosque. The fact that he turned and attacked them violently just shows what an unspeakably vicious incident this was.

I have spoken to the local Police Inspector and I am reassured that the Police will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the man responsible is brought to justice and that such vicious racist thuggery is not tolerated. I am absolutely horrified at what happened and it just shows that racism lurks under the surface of even the most respectable neighbourhoods in our country. Politicians of all parties must provide a strong lead in fighting it.

See also “Man arrested over mosque damage in Tonna”, BBC News, 13 September 2013

In an earlier attack last month four of the mosque’s windows were broken.

Update:  See “Man arrested after South Wales mosque attacked”, Wales Online, 13 September 2013

Update 2:  See “Man charged with assaulting couple after alleged South Wales mosque attack”, Wales Online, 14 September 2013