Muslim MSP targeted by far right

A Muslim MSP has hit out at yobs who hurled racist abuse at him – and then reported HIM to cops.

Humza Yousaf was targeted by far-right activists as he joined some of Glasgow’s top officers on a police tour of the city. The Scots-born politician was told to “go back home” and branded an “Islamic fascist” at a demo by the British Nationalist Party and the Scottish Defence League. But incredibly it was Mr Yousaf who was reported to cops – for wearing a police jacket.

The SNP man said: “I was on a tour with officers, including the assistant chief constable, to see how the Orange parade is policed. In order for us to be recognisable to the police they issued us with high-visibility jackets. But when we came across the BNP and SDL things turned nasty. The aggressive reaction shows the level of hatred these fascists have for anyone who looks different.”

Strathclyde Police confirmed they had received a complaint accusing Mr Yousaf of impersonating a police officer. A spokeswoman added: “The demo was closed down under public order legislation.”

Scottish Sun, 15 July 2012