Muslim groups in the UK – the New York Times investigates

“The groups have drawn renewed attention since the arrests and charges this month in what the British police contend was a plot by Muslims, all of them British citizens, to blow up trans-Atlantic airliners. Anthony Glees, director of the Brunel University Center for Intelligence and Security Studies in London, said: ‘These groups are essentially Islamist cults, hidden communities, open only to “believers” who exist within open communities.’ … Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, along with successor groups to Al Muhajiroun (an organization in London that was ostensibly disbanded in 2004) and the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, are engaged in some of the most aggressive activities to recruit followers, British terrorism experts said.”

The “British terrorism experts” include Anthony Glees and Shiraz Maher – who are exactly the people you’d talk to if you wanted to blur the distinctions between Muslim groups with completely different politics and associate them all with terrorism.

New York Times, 29 August 2006