More problems for UKIP: Another racist Islamophobe exposed

Alan JessonHope Not Hate reports on the case of Alan Jesson, a newly elected UKIP county councillor in Lincolnshire, who has posted a series of racist comments on Facebook.

One comment reads: “How true it is that the biggest threat to the UK way of life was Islam and its followers.” Another: “Mosques need banning until they adopt sexual equality and gay relationships and conform to British culture.” Jesson also wrote: “No Mosques should be entertained in this country. Islam is anti Gay and anti women. It can never be part of English culture.”

He says he dreams of “a day when the migrants are persuaded or forced to return to their countries of birth” and predicts “I really do think soon there will be rivers of blood”.

These revelations follow the exposure of the foul-mouthed racist remarks made by another UKIP councillor in Lincolnshire, Chris Pain, along with equally bigoted comments by other prominent figures in the party, and the resignation of Eric Kitson as a UKIP councillor in Worcestershire.