Migrants must renounce veil if they want to live in France, says minister

02/13/2007. Le couple Christian Estrosi, ministre delegue de l'amenagement du territoire et Nadine Morano, depute UMP de Meurthe et Moselle en visite a Nancy.Immigrants should sign a “no burka” contract before being allowed to live in France, the country’s families minister has said.

It would be added to an “integration agreement” that all newcomers already have to commit to, which also bans forced marriages and polygamy.

Nadine Morano said: “Equality between men and women is a fundamental principle of French society. “This applies to polygamy, forced marriages, female mutilation and the full-face veil.”

Her proposal came at a government conference yesterday following a three-month debate on national identity. Last month a government committee said women who wear the garment should be barred from using public transport and outlawed from public buildings like schools and hospitals.

Ms Morano has the backing of many prominent MPs in her call to have immigrants who wear burkas banned from staying in France.

French interior minister Brice Hortefeux said in December that both women who wear veils and their husbands should be “systematically refused” French residents’ permits. And President Nicolas Sarkozy has branded face veils “a sign of debasement” and said they were not welcome in France.

Daily Mail, 9 February 2010